Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a computer science technique, using this science and technique one can create intelligent machines, and computer programs that can act, think and work like human beings. The main idea behind this is to check whether a machine can be as intelligent as a human being is, whether a machine or robot can have a thought process that human being has. The name Artificial Intelligence was given by John Mc Carthy an American scientist in 1956.


Expert System creation
Robot creation
Understanding Human speech
Military Simulations and many More.


Fuzzy Logic – It is a concept based on human reasoning. Fuzzy logic is derived by how human makes a decision, human reasoning power, and human decisions which has the possibilities of Yes/No and True/False. In Fuzzy Logic, the system takes input and produces output in the form of True/False.

Artificial Neural Network – Artificial neural network i.e ANN works similar to the real neural network which means similar to human brains. As the human brain consists of plenty of nerve cells known as neurons. One neuron transmits information to another neuron. Likewise here also, the input is given through one neuron and after processing output is given by the other neuron, in the ANN system.

Robotics – the term robotics clearly means about robots. Robots are a system developed by artificial intelligence, where a structure similar to human is been developed. Many algorithms are designed so that a robot can work as a human being. Any techniques are used in it like, computer vision, electronic techniques are also used because the energy used by the robot is the electric energy, many electronic equipments and etc. are used to develop a robot.

Machine Learning – It is the application of AI which is not programmed with certain algorithms for each and everything, instead such algorithms are assigned where the system has the ability to automatically learn and improve things from the previous experiences. image recognition, voice recognition are all the basic examples o ML.