Crib Now

What do you do when your “slow internet” complaint is hanging open for last 10 days and customer care simply don’t care !!

Wondering how to end your chase to the e-commerce company who delivered a faulty product?

Feeling helpless because the insurance company has rejected your claim without any explanation?

Not any more !! Come and CribNow© about it here and we will ensure that it reaches the right ears.
About CribNow©

CribNow© is a platform where you can crib i.e. raise your concerns about various issues you face in your day to day life regarding organizations, post it in social network to create awareness about the issue, enable inviting your friends to raise a common voice against these issues. If your crib gets enough support from your friends, CribNow© team will take it up with that organization personally, and will also support you reaching farther than your own network by posting on various social media platforms and other relevant channels ensuring the organizations really LISTEN !.

And its absolutely OK if you do not want to disclose your identity. simply post it anonymously.
Come, raise your voice. Crib Now, We are with you !

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