“Must Have” IT tools for successful entrepreneurs


For all startups, it is important to know what they can leverage and where they should invest to keep a balance of the cost vs value. In this article, we are sharing 4 very popular platforms which are must for every startup:

1. Dynamic Content based website

If your business content need regular content update, it is suggested to have a website with a Content Management System i.e. a website with an option for you to manage website content on your own. There are few very popular platforms available like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla that enables CMS based website. With a regular contribution of thousands of site developers on these platforms, you will get very beautiful themes in very reasonable price to choose from and if you start searching with little patience, you may get hundreds of good looking theme even free of cost. A typical CMS based application with 10-15 pages should cost you approximately $250-$350 (INR 15,000 – INR 30,000) depending on functionality.


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become such a powerful platform over these last few years that you can not afford to ignore. If your potential customers exist on LinkedIn (which most likely they do!), you have to be approaching & listening them there. 

Now how do you leverage LinkedIn is by first creating your powerful profile. Here is a good article on Forbes on how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile: 


The next step is then to create a LinkedIn Page of your company with a good professional overview of what your business do. While setup is simple, there are few best practices. The below article will give you a good hand holding on how to create a LinkedIn page:


For more information on how effectively you can use this platform, feel free to consult us at Consulting@AgBeIndia.com and our representative will be more than happy to assist.

3. Zoho Applications

Another very powerful platform is Zoho that provides lot of applications which are free of cost and very effective in running small businesses. Starting from basic domain hosting and e-mail solution to complex CRM, Finance, HR modules, it has got everything you need to run all the verticals of your organization very well and that too all integrated.

It has got various mobile apps as well so that you can manage all your work on the go too !

So try it out at www.zoho.com.

For more information on how effectively you can use this platform, feel free to consult us at Consulting@AgBeIndia.com and our representative will be more than happy to assist.

4. Google Keep

Save your thoughts wherever you are. Here is what Google Keep offers to you:

  • Add Notes, capture audio, pictures etc
  • Set generic or location based reminders so that you don’t forget when you reach that location.
  • Share your notes / content with your friends / family if you want to keep them in sync for common interest areas
  • Visual distinction of notes for different categories and a powerful search for quickly find what you are looking for
  • Keep your content consistent on phone, desktop, mac – any device you use.
  • Move redundant content to Archive when no longer in use

There will certainly be more useful tools that are prevalent in market but our suggestion is that you first start the journey and then explore next milestones on your own. It will be great fun.

Happy Playing !!


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