Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a computer science technique, using this science and technique one can create intelligent machines, and computer programs that can act, think and work like human beings. The main idea behind this is to check whether a machine can be as intelligent as a human being is, whether a machine or robot can[…]

Overcoming Product Management and UX Overlap

Federico Selmi started his career as designer and now specialises in product management, customer validation and user centric design. Having worked at companies such as Education First, Shopa and Mindshapes, Federico has got a lot of experience with implementing best practices around lean customer development. In this warm and insightful talk from at ProductTank London[…]

The Top 6 Digital Marketing Blogs

Digital marketing moves at a frightening speed. Often the only way to keep up is to keep on reading. But with so many digital marketing blogs out there that it can be hard to distinguish between the useful reads and the digital marketing weeds. At the Digital Marketing Institute we regularly keep up to date[…]